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Founded in 2013, CASHOFF is a fintech company with it’s HQ in London, a strategic centre and development hub in Hong Kong and Moscow respectively.
We have successfully helped 50+ banks and brands worldwide, servicing more than 2m banking customers.
You can find CASHOFF at innovation centres such Level 39 London, Cyberport Hong Kong and Skolkovo Moscow.
Deloitte list CASHOFF as a Top 10 Fintech Company and in 2019 we were awarded by KPMG and Global Banking & Finance Awards. Silicon Reviews named us as one of the 30 Best Asian IT Companies.

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Fintech Solutions
For Banks & FMCG Producers

  • Data Aggregation from third parties for your customers
  • Data Analysis with full PFM and advanced cross selling
  • Improving customer engagement whilst lowering loyalty program costs

Our Solutions for Banks

Group 102 (1)

Customer Financial Data

Complete customers end data from bank accounts, loyalty programs, e-wallets and utility accounts

Improve Credit Scoring Decisions

Advanced credit scoring for accurate and fast lending decisions

Increase cross selling opportunities

Utilize data for better cross selling of banking products


Smart Advice

Timely and personalised offers tailored to individuals


Set Goals and Budgets with full data analysis reports

Data Enrichment

Categories customization, merchant logo's and item identification

Our Solutions for FMCG Producers

Group 44.2

Customer Acquisition

Cashback 2.0

  • Lower customer acquisition costs with a cashback per-item model
  • Advanced consumer targeting – including geolocations, extensive consumer profiling and demographics
  • Increase sales by gamification, social interactions and questionnaires and polls
  • Additional advertising opportunities to niche target segments via SMS, email, Social and Push Notifications

You can help customers in real-time across all of your channels from email, social, website, iOS, and Android apps.


We are proud of being listed as

Deloitte Top 10 Fintech Companies Award

TOP 10 Fintech Services Companies in UK

KPMG Digital Innovation Award

Silicon Review 30 Best Tech Companies in Asia

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